Features of Lockbox and Payment Processing


Full Service Lockbox  

Incoming paper based payments with accompanying coupon or invoices are scanned and coverted into an electronic format to be automatically imported in the the accounting system.  Accounting staff can view and interact with payment work flow, process exceptions and generate reports through our secure web portal.  

Virtual Lockbox  

This feature allows your staff to scan coupons or checks for monthly or ancillary fees in your office and automatically sends them to NCB's processing center where the payments are converted into digital format to be imported into your accounting system,  eliminating manual entry of payment.  

Manual "Branch" Deposits  

Miscellaneous deposits that traditionally would be handled at a local branch can either be scanned and sent electronically or sent overnight to our bank office for immediate processing.  

Automated Direct Debit Management   

Manages the sign up and management of auto debit with the homeowner directly.  Payment notification is sent to the management company in a data file format to be imported into your accounting software.  

Automated Stop File Management   

The lockbox system is capable of automatically pulling stop file data from your accounting system and will block any payments from homeowners who are in collections and either send the payments back to the homeowner or directly to the management office.  

Accounting Software Compatibility  

NCB's system is setup to handle multiple data types and can handle automated information exchange between lockbox and accounting systems.  

For more information, please contact Jared Tunnell,  Director of Association Banking  (215) 385-5025.