Lockbox & Payment Processing

NCB recognizes you require a variety of payment options for residents. Through our robust services, payments can be made online, in the office with a desktop scanner, or through traditional payment methods. You can then easily access reports and process any exceptions via our web-based management platform.  NCB's system is setup to handle multiple data types and can handle automated information exchange between lockbox and accounting systems.

System Features 

  • Full Service Lockbox 
  • Virtual Lockbox 
  • Manual "Branch" Deposits 
  • Automated Direct Debit Management  
  • Automated Stop File Management  
  • Accounting Software Compatibility 

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 Benefits of working with NCB 

  • Real time, online lockbox service, with full collection processing and image capture and retrieval functionality
  • Secure, branded website availability for online payments
  • Compatible with all accounting software platforms
  • Online exception processing
  • Over 30 years of experience working with housing communities

For more information, please contact Jared Tunnell, Director of Association Banking (215) 385-5025.