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  • National Cooperative Bank Honors Michael Mercer With Prestigious 2016 Spirit of Cooperation Award

National Cooperative Bank Honors Michael Mercer With Prestigious 2016 Spirit of Cooperation Award

Washington, DC (May 12, 2016) National Cooperative Bank (NCB), a leading financial services company serving cooperatives nationwide, named Michael Mercer, President and CEO of Georgia Credit Union Affiliates and outgoing NCB Board Chair, the recipient of the 2016 Stan Dreyer Spirit of Cooperation Award. The honor, presented each year at NCB’s Annual Meeting is bestowed to those who live and work with the spirit of the cooperative principles.               

Mr. Mercer has been a dedicated and visionary board member for NCB serving two, three-year terms, serving as board chair two times.  In 2015 he received the Herb Wegner Award for Lifetime Achievement by the National Credit Union Foundation for his countless contributions to the credit union movement. Mr. Mercer’s contributions to NCB have been significant as he has bridged the gap of NCB and credit unions working together to have greater impact in communities. 

“Mike is a true innovator who has helped us to rethink our strategy and develop new ways of working with credit unions. His engagement, commitment and passion are steadfast and truly embody the cooperative principles.  I am very grateful for his dedicated service to NCB,” stated Charles E. Snyder, President and CEO of National Cooperative Bank.   

Mr. Mercer’s credit union career has spanned over four decades and currently serves as the President and CEO of Georgia Credit Union Affiliates which helps Georgia credit unions meet the financial needs of more than 2 million members.  

The Bank carefully selects the yearly recipient of The Stan Dreyer Spirit of Cooperation Award, named for Mr. Dreyer to ensure it’s given to an individual or organization who lives the spirit of the cooperative principles.  Mr. Dreyer, who is now retired from NCB, was one of the people who was instrumental in the passage of the Congressional Bank Act in 1978 which created NCB. The award is bestowed annually on an NCB employee or member-customer whose devotion and contribution to the cooperative community emulate those embodied by Mr. Dreyer. Among his long list of accomplishments, Mr. Dreyer served as Executive Director of NCBA and, in that role was the premier advocate to Congress in helping to pass the National Consumer Cooperative Bank Act, which created NCB. Throughout his career, his dedication to fostering the growth and success of cooperatives, nationally and internationally, has earned him widespread recognition and an enduring legacy.  


 About National Cooperative Bank:

National Cooperative Bank is dedicated to strengthening communities nationwide through the delivery of banking and financial services, complemented by a special focus on cooperative expansion and economic development. NCB provides financial products and services for the nation’s cooperatives, their members, and socially responsible organizations. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Bank has offices in Alaska, California, New York, Ohio and Virginia. To learn more, visit
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