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  • NCB Participates in the Launch of CooperateUSA Mobile App to Promote Local, Cooperative-Based Businesses

NCB Participates in the Launch of CooperateUSA Mobile App to Promote Local, Cooperative-Based Businesses

New App Currently Offers Access to 29,000 US Cooperatives Nationwide & Growing

WASHINGTON, DC (September 11, 2012) – National Cooperative Bank (NCB), a leading financial services company dedicated to serving cooperatives nationwide, is proud to participate in the launch of CooperateUSA, a newly launched mobile app providing consumers with access to 29,000 US cooperatives in a variety of industries. Developed in partnership with the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) and Co-operatives UK, the CooperateUSA will provide shoppers with information on local, member-owned businesses in their communities at a touch of a button through the app and online directory.

CooperateUSA.coop and the CooperateUSA app are free resources that provide access to cooperatives in industries including credit unions and financial service, grocery and consumer goods, healthcare, childcare, housing, transportation, utilities and more. Currently the app features 29,000 businesses, and that number continues to grow as more cooperatives join the list.

“NCB is thrilled to be a part of the CooperateUSA mobile app,” stated Charles E. Snyder, President and CEO of NCB. “Many people shop at cooperatives and purchase co-op products every day without knowing much about cooperatives. This tool helps build awareness of this successful business model and makes it easier than ever for consumers to live cooperatively.”

The CooperateUSA mobile app is free for consumers on the Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, and offers a variety of features including:

  • Locator that makes it easy to find 29,000 US co-ops by location, industry or product type
  • Gaming features that tally points for cooperative activities and award prizes and discounts
  • Timely updates that keep you informed about cooperative news, events and local offers
  • Education on how co-ops are impacting job creation, affordable housing, healthy food access & worker empowerment

Added Andrea Cumpston, director of communications and marketing for the National Cooperative Business Association, “CooperateUSA is the first app of its kind and a powerful tool for consumers who are looking to support value-based businesses.  It provides access to 29,000 co-ops across the US—encouraging consumers to shop local and live cooperatively."

In addition to the mobile app, the partnership also developed The CooperateUSA.coop, an online directory that provides a co-op locator to search local and national member-owned businesses, as well as basic information and web links to each one. The new site also features current news about cooperatives, cooperative development information and other facts about this sector across the US.

NCB is dedicated to strengthening communities nationwide through the delivery of banking and financial services, complemented by a special focus on cooperative expansion and economic development. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Bank has offices in Alaska, California, New York, Ohio and Virginia. To learn more, visit www.ncb.coop.
The NCB Financial Group consists of the Congressionally-chartered National Consumer Cooperative Bank (NCCB) and NCB, FSB, a federally insured savings bank wholly owned by NCCB.  The NCB Financial Group provides financial products and services for the nation's cooperatives, their members, and socially responsible organizations.
The NCB Financial Group also works in a strategic alliance with NCB Capital Impact, a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution created under the same act of Congress as NCCB with particular focus on impacting low and moderate income communities. 

NCB is a proud supporter of the 2012 International Year of Cooperatives – a United Nations declaration and global campaign to educate the public about the benefits of cooperatives. “Cooperative enterprises build a better world” is the official slogan of The International Year of Cooperatives, and NCB is doing its part to build awareness of cooperatives in all fields of business.