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  • Global300 Report 2011 Announces World’s Largest Cooperative Enterprises

Global300 Report 2011 Announces World’s Largest Cooperative Enterprises

Analysis discusses how cooperatives persevered through financial crisis, generating revenues of USD 1.6 trillion in 2008

coop 300 thumb New York, NY – October 31, 2011 International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) today launched the latest Global300 Report, which announced that the largest 300 cooperative enterprises in the world and their collective revenues of USD 1.6 trillion, which is comparable to the GDP of the world’s ninth largest economy.

The report detailed that although cooperatives were affected by the global financial crisis in 2008, they provided stability and security due to their measured risk model and their emphasis on services to members – not just profits. As a result, the cooperative model represents an important contribution to the economic and social well-being of populations and their communities. “The diversity and robustness of the cooperative business model is based on principles and values,” said ICA President Dame Pauline Green. “This is why cooperatives were resilient during the global financial crisis, employing over 100 million people worldwide and enabling the development and welfare of societies in the most competitive economies.”

This report analyzed the cooperatives by seven sectors -- which include Agriculture/Forestry, Banking/Credit Unions, Consumer/Retail, Insurance, Workers/Industrial, Health, Utilities, and Other –and detailed how the global financial crisis affected each industry. While cooperatives were not immune to financial hardship, their flexibility in responding to the shifting markets and the trust of their members enabled these businesses to survive and thrive.

The launch of the report coincides with the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives 2012, a monumental year which will provide a platform to educate the public on the strength and socioeconomic value of cooperatives. Over the course of 2012, cooperatives around the world will join together in a series of events to raise awareness of the impact and importance of the cooperative model on societies and economies around the world, as well as promote their growth. 


You can view the report here:  http://www.global300.coop/Global300List.aspx