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NAPA Store Picks Up a New Part

For one Ohio auto parts store, NCB’s new remote deposit-capture product means less time on banking runs, more time taking care of customers

Jeffrey Lockard considers his NAPA Wilmington Automotive store in Wilmington, Ohio, to be "the quintessential small business."

"Staffing is always critical," says Lockard, who opened the NAPA Auto Parts store in southwest Ohio in 1988. "Our work is time-sensitive and geared toward customer service. If we’re running to the bank to make deposits, that’s taking us away from profit-generating activities, and we’re not being productive in meeting my business goals."

Lockard doesn’t have to worry about making banking runs anymore. He is one of NCB’s first customers to take advantage of the bank’s new Real Time Deposit, a remote deposit-capture product.

"It’s the most user-friendly, cost-effective means of making deposits," Lockard says.

Real Time Deposit enables NCB customers to image-capture check payments at their business locations via a secure Internet connection. The images and information are then delivered to NCB for immediate electronic deposit into customers’ operating accounts.

"As a small business owner, my time is so important," says Lockard, whose store runs 20 to 30 checks a day through NCB’s Real Time Deposit scanner. "Turnaround time is so much faster on our deposits now. Deposits are made in a timely fashion and my funds are readily available."

That leaves more time for Lockard and his staff of six to concentrate on do-it-yourself customers who need help changing the oil in their cars, replacing batteries or buying new windshield wiper blades. One-on-one customer service is important in Wilmington, where traditional Main Street values thrive among the town’s population of about 10,000 people.

"With NCB’s Real Time Deposit, I don’t have to pay a delivery driver or have one of my employees use one of my vehicles to take our checks to the bank," he says. "That’s time we can use, for example, to deliver a part to the fire department for its ambulance. How do you put a price tag on that?"

Another advantage of Real Time Deposit, Lockard says, is its e-mail confirmation of deposits. "If I’m away from the store, I can track those deposits by e-mail and know they’re being made," he says. "It provides a sense of security for me and my staff. They know I have my finger on the pulse of the business whether I’m here or not."

Setting up NCB’s Real Time Deposit was easy for Lockard. "It took maybe 30 minutes," he says. "We were operational the same day. The only equipment you need is a proper-size PC. We got the Teller Scan TS230; it took about five minutes to set it up. If you’re not sure about something, you can actually talk to a real person at NCB, who can field and solve any problem."

Wilmington Automotive is part of the NAPA Auto Parts network of more than 6,000 stores. In operation since 1988, Wilmington Automotive generates $1 million in annual sales.

"Every NAPA store owner, especially those with multiple locations, needs to see NCB’s Real Time Deposit," says Lockard. "It’s made an impact on my life by making us more productive."


If you’re interested in using NCB’s Real Time Deposit in your business, contact NCB’s Rob Barlow at (703) 302-8173.